Washington Wanderings

Posted on Jun 23, 2016 in Travel

I ventured North, to the Great Pacific Northwest to film a wedding in Walla Walla, Washington.

In the east of Washington, the landscapes change from green and mountainous to brown and flat.  The long swaths of wheat fields are mesmerizing and monotonous. The Palouse River forges a canyon through the countryside. And in that canyon, the majestic Palouse Falls can be found. You hear it before you see it, the thunderous crash of water falling onto the rocks below. From the viewpoint, you gaze down onto the serene sight, sometimes getting a kiss from the mist. Others have ventured down into the canyon where they get a more level shot of the waterfall. Still others brave the rocky slope down to the bottom near the dark pool.






This was all Friday evening after learning I wouldn’t make it in time to the rehearsal dinner. So after dropping my things at the hotel, I drove another hour and a half to see the falls. The next day was the wedding. A beautiful one at that with good friends in the party and attending. I had made up my mind I wanted to see Palouse Falls at sunrise so I proposed the idea to some of my friends and they responded with “You go head, we’ll see the picture when you post it.”

If there’s anything I’ve been trying to be comfortable with, it’s doing things on my own. So I woke up the next morning around 3:30 (a feat after shooting a wedding the previous day) and with a box of donuts taken from the reception, made my way out into the wee hours of the morning. I had not been able to attain an adventure pass, but the kind man that was watching the campgrounds said he wouldn’t tell and would leave the gate open so people could come in and see the falls at sunrise. I got there a couple minutes before the sun started peaking and found a good spot to enjoy it. Granted, it was on the side of cliff, but the shot came out great!

It is incredible to see the same thing in different light.




Heading back, I pull over to take in this scene. I hear nothing. Nothing but the song of a bird and distant lowl of cattle meandering on the hills. A breeze floats by and brings fresh smells with it.


More to come.